patching "windows" from 3 to 7 in uucico

Roger Taranto rog at
Mon Jun 3 08:40:48 AEST 1991

In article <1991May25.152232.27860 at quest.UUCP> ssb at quest.UUCP (Scott Bertilson) writes:
>  Regarding UUCP windowing, I'm pretty sure the default packet size
>is 64 bytes and I'm sure the default window is 3 packets...meaning
>that 3 packets can be outstanding and unacknowledged before it stops
>sending.  Increasing the number to 7 means up to 7 packets can be
>outstanding before the transmitting system stops sending to wait
>for an acknowledge.  The "windows" number applies to the machine

How were the 3 and 7 chosen?  Is there any research on the optimal
number of un-ack'ed packets?  Why not raise it to 16 or 32 or ...?

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