Stock 3b1 going.

Danny Quah dquah at
Tue Jun 25 14:28:37 AEST 1991

Stock 3b1, purchased toward the end of the firesale, summer 1987,
loader version 3.51, for sale.  The machine's been running
continuously since about late summer 1987 (2 week shutdown once when I
was out of the country).

- 67M hard disk
- 2M RAM
- internal 1200/300 baud modem
- bunch of useful net software installed (including gnuemacs, TeX,
 gcc, less, arc, zoo, (Emmett Gray's mtools) package for
 manipulating dos floppies, etc.  Also nethack, news, mush, stevie,
 jove, and assorted other stuff on floppies.  The hard disk holds in
 addition to the basic software also Development Set 3.51, Enhanced
 Editors 3.5, Document Preparation 3.51  I'll throw in RM Fortran
 which I regret purchasing since I no longer use FORTRAN, but worse,
 the compiler is buggy as heck.

 and ...

- complete set of manuals.

	The battery's run out, I discovered last week after powering
it down, so the time needs to be reset upon bootup, but that's the
only problem I've had.  All manuals and floppies that originally came
with the machine are here as well and go with the machine.

	The hard disk is likely fast approaching (the upper tail of)
its life expectancy; perhaps it'd be best if this machine goes to
someone who'd be happy changing that soon.

	I'm selling it because I'm leaving the country and there's a
limit on how much I want to cart with me.  (It has what is still the
best keyboard I've used.) Ideal if I could find a home for it with
someone who can just drive by my MIT office and get it (that way we
can just load up your car with everything), but I can certainly ship

        For everything, asking $350/obo.  Make me an offer.  (You pay
shipping if we need to do that, although my time until departure for
London is fairly tight, so it'd be no fun scrounging around for more
boxes and stuff...)

	Email to my athena or dolphin address.  Or call.

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