19.2K on a 3b1

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Wed Mar 27 13:37:50 AEST 1991

In article <2214 at public.BTR.COM> thad at public.BTR.COM (Thaddeus P. Floryan) writes:
>Man, I've been swamped with work the past 4 weeks and am about a month behind
>on usenet postings, but this question from Peter immediately captured my
>attention since I've been fighting the same problem myself.
>As a quick answer, I'd give a qualified "yes".  BUT, it is mandatory that one
>use hardware flow control AND there's no "standard" software for the 3B1 that
>will correctly support hardware flow control and 19,200 baud.
	[ ... lots of relevant stuff deleted ... ]

>The ONE thing that's really p*ssing me off on the 3B1 is that I can transfer
>uucp OUT just fine at 19200 with hardware flow control (getting 1800+ in the
>uucp xferstats), but I'm getting the distinct impression that hardware flow 
>control doesn't work as well on input as it should ... it's "almost" as if HFC
>was mono-directional EXCEPT for the fact that use of both a breakout box and a
>Data Line Monitor has verified that HFC is being used (but probably not as well
>as it could be; sigh, without source ...... )
>For the record, at 19200 baud and HDB UUCP, my send rate would be 1800+ and
>my receive rate would be 75 cps.  Yes, 75 cps, due to retransmission delays.
>At 9600 baud, I both send/receive around 870 cps.  Both cases with HFC and
>the same Telebit T2500 modem whose only change is the serial data rate.

	I have my Trailblazer+ locked to 19200, and am getting about 700-800
both directions when communicating with a RT with AIX which is locked at
9600, but ONLY if I kill off my ethernet before the transmission starts.  If
ethernet is running, I get lots of 75cps & less, and frequent failures
during uucp transfer of news batches to this system.  Short files show up as
1800+, apparently those which fit in the buffer on the TB+.

	I may try locking the speed of mine at 9600, and seeing if that
means that I don't have to kill of ethernet while uucico is running.

	[ ... more deleted ... ]

	I wish I could afford one of those boxes which turn an ethernet port
into serial for the TB+ and allow TCP/IP through dial-up lines.  Well,
acutally two - one for my feed :-)

	Good Luck
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