Looking at buying a 3b1

M. Kapolka anthony at unix.cis.pitt.edu
Fri Mar 1 12:01:14 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb28.201501.1431 at ccs.carleton.ca> colinm at ccs.carleton.ca (Colin McFadyen) writes:
>Hello all, I am thinking about buying a 3b1.  As far as I know
>it has a 20Mb drive and half/Mb ram (not sure about the ram) and
>is running 3.51.  Any comments and/or info about this machine
>would be very appreciated.

I'm not sure what you want to hear, especially as readers of this group
are probably biased. :-)

Check to see how much memory it has on the motherboard.  If it only has
.5 meg, you can upgrade to 2 but that is *alot* of work.  I used a
machine with only a half meg of RAM in it for awhile and the performance
was awful due to swapping.  Adding more memory is a must.  Boards are
available to add .5 meg (anyone have one for sale- please let me know!)
1.5 meg, and 2 meg, up to a 4 meg grand total (2 on the motherboard, 2
on cards).

A 20 meg drive is adequate, but barely so.  It is easy enough to upgrade
that when the time comes to a 67 megger (or even larger with hardware mods).

I'd suggest you ftp the FAQ (Freq Asked Questions) file from
cheops.cis.ohio-state.edu in the pub/att7300 directory.  Read that and
you'll probably have some more specific questions.

Anthony Kapolka					anthony at cs.pitt.edu

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