Do you use MS-DOS format floppies?

Kenneth Staffan x37507 staffan at
Fri Mar 15 07:26:45 AEST 1991

I often use floppies to port stuff between my 3b1 at home and PC-AT at work.
I always format the floppies at home.  When I write the disk at home & read
it at work, it _always_ works.  I have a problem going the other way, though.
9 out of 10 times (or more, it's very frustrating) when I write the disk on
the PC and try to read it on the 3b1, I get a "can't read file allocation
table" error.  If I take the floppy back to the PC, it reads it fine.  This
happens whether I use a freshly formatted floppy, or one which I just used
for a 3b1->PC transfer.  Anybody have any suggestions?



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