more on 3b1 tapedrive

Rex Fowler rmfowler at texrex.uucp
Sun Mar 3 13:35:49 AEST 1991

I tested my tape drive and controller on another 3b1 this weekend and
guess what, it WORKED!  This is the same thing that happened to John 

I also tried it on my machine in every slot with no other boards present
and it still doesn't work.

I would like to ask everyone who has a tape drive to please look at 
your motherboard rev. level and the controller board rev. level and 
report them to me via email.  I will post a summary if I see anything 
that stands out as saying "this motherboard won't work with this controller."

Thanks in advance.

Rex Fowler <rmfowler%texrex at>
UUCP:  egsner!texrex!rmfowler

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