want workaround for "dup2"

David H. Brierley dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US
Mon Mar 25 13:13:28 AEST 1991

In article <90 at fbits.ttank.com> Mariusz at fbits.ttank.com (Mariusz Stanczak) writes:
>The following version was included with GNU `make'


If you use any portion of source code from any program that is covered by
the GNU GPL then your program in turn becomes covered by the GNU GPL.  If
you aware of this fact and aware of the consequences thereof and are willing
to accept those consequences, then go ahead and use this code.  I am not
saying that the GNU GPL is wrong or that it is evil, I just think people
should be aware of all the facts.  In fact, I believe that the GPL requires
you to notify people of this when you give them the source.
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