Getting rid of "disk almost full" message

Brian Rice bri at
Fri Mar 22 16:49:51 AEST 1991

In article <17255 at> arens at ISI.EDU (Yigal Arens) writes:
>I looked throught the FAQ file, but couldn't find the answer to this
>How does one prevent the 7300 from displaying those annoying "disk
>almost full" messages every few minutes when free disk space drops
>below 5%?

You don't.  It's imbedded in the source and cannot be changed.  Well, you
COULD get a larger disk!  Or, on the other hand you could kill the smgr.
And, as an afterthought, you could run mgr instead of the 'luser agent'.
I recently installed the software driver version and can't wait until I
can get the daughter board.  BTW, even with the software driver, mgr is
still a faster windowing system than X on my Sun 3/50!!!

Brian Rice

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