AT&T UNIX Users' Group March 1991 Meeting Notice

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Tue Mar 26 21:50:05 AEST 1991

As printed in the San Jose Mercury News' COMPUTING CALENDAR Sunday 24-Mar-1991:

	-- WEDNESDAY  March 27, 1991 --

	AT&T UNIX Computer Users' Group -- South Bay -- will meet at 7 pm
	in the AT&T Building, 1090 E. Duane Avenue, Sunnyvale.  Admission
	is free.  Everyone is invited.

The meeting theme this month is "The RS-232 Connection and UUCP".  Even if you
don't know your RS-232 from a hole in the ground, this meeting will attempt to
address and explain to YOUR satisfaction the hardware and software issues which
have plagued those of you who've attempted to place your system on the net and
have met with difficulty.

Hardware cabling, modem configuration, flow control protocols, and setup of HDB
UUCP will be among the topics discussed.  Several systems and modems will be
configured for direct hardlined and modem communication as part of the
evening's activities.

Feel welcome to bring YOUR computer to the meeting and be SURE to get a
property pass at the lobby if you do bring any equipment, books, etc.

Duane is one block south of the intersection of US-101 and Lawrence Expressway.
A "character graphic" map is available if you need one via email.

Most attendees own UNIXPCs (aka 3B1, PC7300, Miniframe, Motorola 63x0), and
many have and/or use 6386 WGS and 3B2 systems, along with Amiga SVR4, HP-UX,
UNISYS CTIX, Amdahl UTS, Pyramid, etc. systems.  Everyone having any interest
in SVR2, SVR3, SVR4, and AT&T UNIX-derived systems on any hardware platform is
welcome to attend!

The AT&T UNIX USERS' GROUP Meetings are held at the AT&T facility in Sunnyvale
at 7PM the 4th Wednesday of every month.  For more information, contact:

Thad Floryan

UUCP: thad at (OR) {decwrl, mips, fernwood}!btr!thad
WORK: +1 (408) 985-7100 (M-F 11a-7p PST), or
HOME: +1 (415) 961-5157 (M-F 9p-12m PST, and weekends)

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