Port of MINIX to Unix-PC

Thomas J. Trebisky tom at afthree.as.arizona.edu
Tue Mar 19 10:50:46 AEST 1991

jaws at sequoia.cray.com (James A. Wheeler) writes:
>mvadh at cbnews.att.com (andrew.d.hay) writes:
>>i also have a Modest Proposal (TM):  set up a non-profit corporation
>>under the umbrella of ASCRC (a small computer software foundation?).
>>get a source license from AT&T for the 3b1 (or convince them to turn
>>over the source, with the obligation to support the 3b1) *and* from
>>convergent/unisys for miniframe ctix.
>I like this Idea, how many are willing to investigate? 

I too like this idea (I admire the original motive of the Minix port
workers, namely to have the sources for the system they are running.)
Getting the system V stuff for the 3B1 series into the hands of someone
able to turn it to the public good would be wonderful.

Another twist - what about a port of 4.3BSD to the Unix PC (note: I don't
want to enter into a potential firestorm of System V versus BSD debate here.)
I have been taking a hard look at porting 4.3BSD to the CT miniframe for
some time now (and was thinking of pressing my newly acquired unix-PC into
service on this project as development systems).
I am beginning to learn that the 3b1 and miniframe are almost brothers.

Sooooo  anything along these lines would be admirable.
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