Solution to a Different boot problem...

Brent Burton n138ct at
Sat Mar 2 04:00:48 AEST 1991

I don't know how many people have been reading my barrage of updates on
my problem, but I hope everyone made it this far.

I received many replies with several hints and things to check;  however, just
due to the sheer number of ideas, I was bound to miss one.

Last night, when the machine finally came back up, the voltages were measured
at the pwer supply while it was running and also when the machine wasn't

After poking around during a no-boot condition, I pushed the ribbon cable
on the power supply towards the center of the machine and the 7300 started
to boot.  I then measured the voltages and they were correct.  I released
the ribbon cable and pin 18 goes from -12.0V to +0.79 -- bad solder joint
or connection.

This was one of the earlier suggestions I received (thanks, Don!) and that
I just happened to miss over.

I think the bad connection is the actual pin on the power supply and not the
connection on the motherboard.  I'll get it fixed now.

I'd like to extend my thanks to everyone who gave me ideas.  Being a new
7300 owner, I was anxious to learn more about my system, but now I've had
a crash course with the hardware.

Once again, thanks everybody!

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