Do you use MS-DOS format floppies?

Ward Griffiths ward at unix386.Convergent.COM
Thu Mar 21 03:29:36 AEST 1991

The one thing that I have seen that ALWAYS works, that I
have been using since the Tandy 2000 showed up with 720k
drives, to avoid the problem with transfers between HD/LD
drives, is to bulk erase the disk first and format and
write it from scratch on the machine I'm transferring the
data from.  That way, there is no leftover wide data with
narrow data down the middle.  At Radio Shack, you can get
a bulk tape eraser for about $15 that will save endless
headaches.  For a couple more dollars, there is the video
version that (besides being good for reusing video tapes)
is rugged enough to clear up all those leftover problems
with a glitched DC600A.  Just keep the tape eraser away
from your hard disk.  Having the computer in the den and
the eraser in the kitchen has always worked for me.

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