19.2K on a 3b1

Bruce Lilly bruce at balilly
Fri Mar 29 21:00:50 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar27.033750.29895 at ceilidh.beartrack.com> dnichols at ceilidh.beartrack.com (DoN Nichols) writes:
>	I have my Trailblazer+ locked to 19200, and am getting about 700-800
>both directions when communicating with a RT with AIX which is locked at
>9600, but ONLY if I kill off my ethernet before the transmission starts.  If
>ethernet is running, I get lots of 75cps & less, and frequent failures
>during uucp transfer of news batches to this system.  Short files show up as
>1800+, apparently those which fit in the buffer on the TB+.

Could you please clarify "kill off my ethernet". Do you mean "ifconfig en0
down", or a reboot without the ether driver, or do you kill -9 the
daemons, or do you blast the board with a shotgun?

And in what order do you have the drivers loaded?

	Bruce Lilly		blilly!balilly!bruce at sonyd1.Broadcast.Sony.COM

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