help with my EIA combo board

Keith Elliston elliston at av8tr.UUCP
Tue Mar 19 05:38:43 AEST 1991


I recently posted about problems with my 7300 (av8tr), and have decided
to take some of the advice.  So, I took out my 512K expansion boards (2),
populated the EIA combo with 1.5, and thoroughly cleaned out the machine
(the infamous Dust Bunny treatment).  I also made sure all my connections to
the powersupply and disk were good.

One problem so far...  I don't know how to configure the jumpers on the
combo board for 1.5 Mb.  I only get 0.5 out of it.  So, could some kind
soul tell me how to configure the board for 1.5?  I installed 36 addtn'l
256k/80ns chips on the board.



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