Port of MINIX to Unix-PC

John R. MacMillan john at chance.UUCP
Mon Mar 18 02:33:31 AEST 1991

|>A friend and I have just started, using the Atari ST source as a
|>base.  We don't think it will be too hard, but we're both pretty busy,
|WHAT????  Do you have this system confused with IBM's toy PC (and clones)?
|The AT&T _Unix_ PC is named the Unix PC because it was designed to run
|a derivative of AT&T's SysVR2, which comes with the machine.

Damn!  Now I know why I haven't been able to get Lotus 1-2-3 to work
for the past 3 1/2 years! :-)

Seriously, I really do mean we're porting Minix to the AT&T UNIX PC,
aka 3B1 aka PC7300.  Wouldn't be much work to do a port where all you
had to do was buy the floppies for the target machine, and stuff them
in, now, would it? :-)

|Just curious; why would you want to port Minix to this system when you
|already have a better version of Unix running on it?

A few reasons.  I don't get to do any kernel work at work, and I don't
have source for the UNIXpc OS.  Also, at the time we decided to do the
port, it didn't look like any future upgrades from AT&T would be forth-
coming, so it would have been one way to support future hardware
development with the machine.

Also ``better'' is a matter of opinion.  Personally, I feel modern
commercial Unices have too much bloat, and even if upgrades come,
they're not likely to trim down any, so the only way for me to get a
``better'' UNIX is to start small, and do it myself.

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