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Thaddeus P. Floryan thad at public.BTR.COM
Mon Mar 11 12:54:28 AEST 1991

In article <13156 at helios.TAMU.EDU> dlb5404 at tamuts.tamu.edu (Daryl Biberdorf) writes:
>Are the Syquest drives available in the ST-506/MFM models?  The only ones
>I've seen are SCSI models.

All "modern" Syquest drives I've seen are SCSI; the one I have is an oldie
whose platter holds only 10MB.  The drive itself is ST-506 and formats and
operates just fine on the 3B1.  I bought it used from Weird Stuff Warehouse
several ago and don't know if they have any more; the 10 MB media was a
pain to find and the most I was ever able to locate were approx. 30 disks,
so I don't use this drive for anything "serious."

>Man, when is that Mondo Combo SCSI card gonna be ready?  I want to put
>some of these guys on my 3B1! 

One guy in our Users' Group apparently has a prototype card using a 68HC11
and some new WD chip on a daughterboard ... the whole assembly plugs into
the WD1010 socket on the 3B1 motherboard, and apparently supports 2,7 RLL
and ESDI.  He claims to be adding SCSI and Ethernet support.  He didn't have
any updates at the February meeting, so I'll ask him again later this month.

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