Perl 3.0.44 Blues

Forrie Aldrich forrie at morwyn.UUCP
Sat Mar 2 04:57:41 AEST 1991

Thanks to EVERYONE who responded to my initial inquiry of 
compiling problems with Perl pl44...

WELL!  Here's another one for you...

"aline 175: branch offset is too remote"

Got that from trying to complile with gcc without the -O option...

I'm stuck.  And personally don't understand why Lwall didn't see
this and why he made the code so big to begin with... (?)

Any help?  Well my config (for the record) is this:  2meg RAM
and 67meg HD.  Not too bad, and I certainly have never encountered
these problems before...

Hope this can get resolved.  Hmmm, maybe I might end up asking someone
to uuencode and send me their Perl 3.0.44 executable... ((ha ha))

Thanks all!


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