Getting rid of "disk almost full" message

Mariusz Stanczak Mariusz at
Sat Mar 23 20:53:07 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar22.064951.24163 at>, bri at (Brian Rice) writes:
> And, as an afterthought, you could run mgr instead of the 'luser agent'.
> I recently installed the software driver version and can't wait until I
> can get the daughter board.  BTW, even with the software driver, mgr is
> still a faster windowing system than X on my Sun 3/50!!!

	That's great news!  How easy is it to install?  Interfaces for
    what programs/utilities come precooced (or does "everything" need
    to be written/setup)?  How much HD room does it require?  What about
    the telephony access (one good thing about UA is how well it's 
    interfaces with `async_main' for interactive use)?  And finally, how
    easy/flexible is `mgr' to maintain/adjust for new users/uses?
    I'd appreciate any comments, "in use" experiences, etc...


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