Shared Libraries: Unique to Suns??

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Thu Mar 28 07:21:06 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar24.172224.4514 at> dt at (David B. Thomas) writes:
>myamin at (m.yamin) writes:
>>In fact, the UnixPC may have had the first released UNIX implementation
>>of shared libraries.

Gee, um, isn't the kernel a shared library? At least the syscall part.

>Which brings up a historical question I've wondered about:  was the unix pc
>the first unix machine to feature dynamically loadable device drivers?

No way! Remember that the PC was a step backward in computing;
everything that PC designers had to contend with had already been
done years ago.

DEC's RSX-11D and IAS (later merged) both featured loadable
device drivers. They were actually run as tasks, and a magic
system call installed them into the moral equivalent of [bc]devsw
and attached their interrupt vectors.

RSX also featured shared librarys too.
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