Help w/Unix-pc Clock battery

Gunsul prg at mgweed.UUCP
Tue Mar 12 08:01:43 AEST 1991

In article <1991Feb19.133649.11150 at colnet.uucp>, res at colnet.uucp (Rob Stampfli) writes:
> Your experience was better than mine.  Although Radio Shack does indeed carry
> Lithium 3V batteries (even of the same size and shape as that found in my
> Unix-PC, they did not have any with solder tabs, and the manager where I
> shopped further claimed that no Radio Shack store carried the versions with
> solder tabs.
> -- 
> Rob Stampfli, 614-864-9377, res at kd8wk.uucp (osu-cis!kd8wk!res), kd8wk at n8jyv.oh

I just ordered and received three of the solder-in type batteries Rob.
The people in the store seemed a little put out because they had to do
something other than stand around and talk to their friends.  I asked them
to order the battery for me.  The individual contacted their location in
Texas (sorry...  Don't know the city) and after some discussion ordered
the battery I wanted.  Did I mention that this solder-in battery is
a "1/2 AAA" ???  It is not the same button type as the original, but I like
it much better.  I clipped out the old battery, leaving part of the old
solder-in tabs sticking above the board and soldered the new battery
"pig-tails" to the protruding remenants.  I've replaced three of these
and all are working well.  I can forward the cost and battery name if
you would like.  They are a peculiar purple color and are manufactured
in Israel...

One thing that irritated me at the time (other than the "Oh, do I have to
do some work??" attitude) that they demanded payment, even though I gave
them my Visa number, before they would order the batteries.  I won't
go into the discussion I had with them over that!


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