Maxtor 2190 jumper settings?

Jeffrey L Bromberger jeffrey at
Mon Mar 25 05:37:34 AEST 1991

Hi again.  I'm trying to install a maxtor 2190 as my boot drive on my
home machine.  The machine has the ICUS board installed, and I have a
Seagate 40Mb drive as the second drive.  Anyways, whenever I try to
format the new drive with the enhanced diagnostics, both drives have
the select light come on.  The machine then freezes.  No head movement.
No nothing.

I pull the yellow DIP jumper out of the maxtor (it's the first in the
chain), but that makes no difference.  Can anyone out there tell me
how to move the jumpers around to tell it that it's drive 0 (also, the
rest of the jumper settings would be nice) ?  I'd really like to get
this thing on line, but I've been tied up, and my first shot failed
miserably :-(

Life would have been much easier if there was a manual with the drive...

Jeffrey L. Bromberger
System Operator---City College of New York---Science Computing Facility
jeffrey at			jeffrey at ccnysci.BITNET

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