FAQ News (was: Re: Basic info on 68010 unix PC wanted.)

Andy Heffernan ahh at glyph.kingston.ny.us
Thu Mar 14 13:10:45 AEST 1991

In article <1584 at glyph.kingston.ny.us> ahh at glyph.UUCP (Andy Heffernan) writes:
>I'll send Lenny a note and see what we can come up with, or see if
>there are any other volunteers.

I emailed a bit with Lenny and he had no problem with me doing that thar
Frequently-Asked Questions list.  I'll get the latest version from osu-cis 
tonight, diddle with it a bit, and if there are no objections, start posting 
monthly (starting April 1).

Please send updates, suggestions, what-have-you to 3b1-faq at glyph.kingston.ny.us.

  Andy Heffernan		$BJ8;z(J		uunet!glyph!ahh

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