Different boot problem...

Daryl Biberdorf dlb5404 at tamuts.tamu.edu
Fri Mar 8 05:25:27 AEST 1991

In article <1972 at public.BTR.COM> thad at btr.BTR.COM (Thaddeus P. Floryan) writes:
>A "syquest" is a hard drive with a removable platter larger than but resembling
>the 3.5" floppies which are quite popular on many systems.
>Believe it or not, I was running a Syquest as the primary HD on one 3B1
>on which I was doing a lot of testing several years ago ... it was easier

Are the Syquest drives available in the ST-506/MFM models?  The only ones
I've seen are SCSI models.  These would be a NEAT alternative for those
of us who are contemplating the HD2 upgrade.  I think this would have
nice uses for backups, considering the scarcity and expense (and low
storage capacity) of the 3b1 tape setup.

Man, when is that Mondo Combo SCSI card gonna be ready?  I want to put
some of these guys on my 3B1! 

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  Texas A&M University

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