the death of dreams (was Not again (BSD etc. ports))

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Wed Mar 27 09:11:55 AEST 1991

I'd like to add my 2 cents.  For the amount of work involved in
upgrading the OS, it might be more efficient for people to buy a used
Sun 3/50 or 3/60 for less than $2500 US.  Then buy SunOS4.1 for
whatever they are getting for it.  At some point, you're going to hit
the law of diminishing returns.  Think about it, in a year or two
you'll be seeing Sun 3s for less than $1000, if they're not already
going that low.  For what I want to do, 3.51m is good enough.  When
GNU Mach comes out, it might be fun to port it as an educational
experience.  Maybe that was only 1 cent worth?

Daniel Guilderson
ryan at

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