Basic info on 68010 unix PC wanted.

Thomas J. Trebisky tom at
Tue Mar 5 16:15:44 AEST 1991

As a total newcomer to the ATT unix-pc scene, I have several
(probably basic, boring, and simple) questions to ask.  

Is the 68010 based unix PC what is also known as a 3b1 ?
What kind of hard drives are inside (scsi, st506) ?
Does this thing have an internal modem (and uucp runs nicely on it?) ?
Is maintenance info (i.e. schematics) available anywhere ?
	(maybe some kind soul on the net who has them could contact me).


	Tom Trebisky	ttrebisky at	(Internet)
	Steward Observatory	University of Arizona	Tucson, Arizona

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