Urgent help needed with "stuck" bnews spooled postings

Chris Lewis clewis at ferret.ocunix.on.ca
Sat Mar 9 06:02:36 AEST 1991

In article <2026 at public.BTR.COM> thad at btr.btr.com writes:
>I posted an "en passant" remark about a bunch of my postings to comp.sys.3b1
>never making it out to the world.  Last night, at dinner after a computer
>meeting, Dave Herron (dherron at twg.com) commented in response to my question
>the files could be found in /usr/spool/news/.rnews and that they were placed
>there while expire is running (causing the "Your post is spooled for later
>processing" messages when originally posted).

>I checked, and, by golly, they ARE there!

>Question: HOW to fire these up so they make it out to the world?

I sent mail, but my mail system is a bit flakey at the moment, so I'm
posting too:

In bnews, to unstick news, run "rnews -U".  It's a good idea to place
an "rnews -U" into your crontab to be run a couple of times per day.
Especially an hour or so after your cron fires up expire.

You can configure bnews to not unbatch stuff, just placing incoming
stuff into .rnews, for later processing by an "rnews -U" at a better
time (handy for deferring the unbatching until a less loaded time).
This usually only happens with incoming feeds, not locally generated
articles, but you can deferr locally generated articles too.

B-news is SUPPOSED to run an "rnews -U" at the end of an expire run,
but I've seen *that* not work on some systems.
Chris Lewis,
clewis at ferret.ocunix.on.ca or ...uunet!mitel!cunews!latour!ecicrl!clewis
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