Help! Problem with modem/uugetty interaction

CJ Pilzer cjp at
Thu Mar 14 05:12:22 AEST 1991

References: <1991Mar12.054212.554 at fithp.uucp> <1991Mar13.014602.23303 at>

I have had the same problem with a Hayes Smartmodem 2400 which is connected
to the tty000 port on my 7300.  I am running 3.51m, but had the same trouble
with 3.50 and 3.51.  

I am not using HDB, but uugetty seems to run just as it should with the 
Smartmodem internal strap set to dumb so that it echos nothing.  If the
strap is so set I can not use any chat scripts.  If I change the internal 
strap, even if the modem is configured ATQ1E0, after the first incomimg call
the RD and SD leds seem to be full on.  I think that they are blinking very
fast due to echo and response from the computer to the modem and back.

What I think whqt starts this is the RING response on the call in.  The dumb 
strap stops this.  I think the sequence is :


c Welcome to the AT&T UNIX pc
c Please login:

m Please login:

c sends error message

m echos error message

c sends error message

m echos error message

If the port is disabled the loop stops, (of course, the modem will still
answer callins as long as S0>0 ), but the computer won't run /bin/login.
I haven't been able to solve this.
cjp at

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