3b1 kernel source (was Re: Port of MINIX..)

David B. Thomas dt at yenta.alb.nm.us
Mon Mar 18 06:33:20 AEST 1991

wwm at wa8tzg.mi.org (Bill Meahan) writes:

>We could make this a stock-issuing company (still semi-private).  People
>could purchase more than one share if they wished and non-shareholders
>could either purchase stock or pay a REASONABLE fee for anything
>developed by the company.

I think it's an excellent idea, and I'd be willing to help out by
forking over real dough.  Maybe if there are enough of us interested,
we can pull this off.

There are so many really nifty things we could do with kernel source,
and we've got a lot of mindpower and hacking spirit among us.  What's
everybody else think?

					little david
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