Silent mail handler

Jim Van Horn azar at morpho.UUCP
Wed Mar 20 07:13:31 AEST 1991

I've recently noticed that my machine doesn't leave an audit-trail
header on mail that passes through it.  (I'm sure that's not what
it's called.  I'm referring to the "Received:" by/from lines at the
top of all mail files.)

I tried to RTFM, and found that mail(1) mentions the
"UNIX PC Electronic Mail User's Guide", which I don't seem to have.

Is it common to replace the mail handler on a 3b1?  If so, what are
the choices?

The Stats: 3b1, 3.51m, HDB uucp form osu-cis STORE, mail reader is mush.

KOSONOM SZEPEN (thank you)
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