Help with Voicepower Applications

Robert Slaski slaski at netwrx1.NW1.COM
Thu Mar 28 10:52:10 AEST 1991

I am trying to use a 3B1 as an automated attendant and voice mail
system for my small Panasonic telephone key system (model 616).
I have the AT&T Automated Attendant v1.0 software.  It works but it
has bugs.  The Answering machine software (v2.0) is not oriented to
multiple mailboxes.  

Does anyone have a later or better version of the
automated attendant?  Has anyone created a multiple voice mailbox
application similar to the PC Complete Answering Machine product?
I have been unable to connect to OSU to get Gil's answering machine software.
Does it support multiple voice mailboxes?

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