HELP!!!! or what's wrong with my PC

Chris Navarrete chrisn at
Sat Mar 23 01:52:27 AEST 1991

Lately my 3b1 seems to be possesed,out to get me, or having a nervous
breakdown.  I am using a standard configuration (smgr, wmgr, etc.) and
have recently installed the FIXDISK2.0 from osu.  Now, I can't get
mail to work on the RS232 port, I can't dial into the 3b1, either the
phone does not answer or I get a zillion "Welcom...." prompts, and 
when I try to call out from the 3b1 (using the call screen), I get
the message "/dev/tty000 interrupted system call".  And now to top
everything else, I seem to have several disk areas that are or are
about to go bad.  Backups?, only of my account, need to try and do
ones of /usr/bin and some of the others before I reformat.  Anyone
else have similar problems, and or suggestions for me.
Thanks in advance.

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