OSU archives need an active maintainer

David H. Brierley dave at galaxia.Newport.RI.US
Mon Mar 25 13:01:32 AEST 1991

In article <5968 at awdprime.UUCP> lenny at risctakr.austin.ibm.com (Lenny Tropiano) writes:
>David Brierley (our very own comp.sources.3b1 moderator) has volunteered to
>keep OSU-CIS up-to-date (since he's already doing it for the comp.sources.3b1
>archives there).  Personally I'm not sure what needs to go there that hasn't
>been posted to comp.sources.3b1, and that is being archived automagically.
>But nevertheless, Dave volunteered to look over OSU.  

Either I've gone off the deep end or I've figured out how to squeeze 36
hours out of each day.  :)

Yes, I talked to Lenny and volunteered to take care of the osu archives.  If
anyone has any suggestions for things that should be included in the archives
let me know.  At the very least The FAQ list will be updated as often as Andy
sends me an update.  I have also been considering making binary copies of the
postings to comp.sources.3b1 available.  Another thing that I am seriously
considering is breaking the archive up into sub-directories, one for binaries,
one for source, and one for documents.  If you have any major opinions about
this, either pro or con, please let me know.
David H. Brierley
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