Perl 3.0.44

Rex Fowler rmfowler at texrex.uucp
Fri Mar 1 12:41:25 AEST 1991

In article <72 at morwyn.UUCP> forrie at morwyn.UUCP (Forrie Aldrich) writes:
>Anyone have a bit of luck getting Perl 3.0.44 compiled on the


>I use gcc... and no matter what compiler I use, I keep getting
>a message "Virtual memory exhausted".  That's rather odd.  Could
>someone tell me what I am doing wrong, or maybe send me a copy
>of your '' from the distribution that you used to 
>compile it with?

How much memory do you have? I had 2 MEG when I compiled.  I think I got 
the same error message before either adding the -shlib or the -DCRIPPLED_CC 
or the 2 of them together.  It took me awhile to finally get it right.


gcc -shlib -DCRIPPLED_CC

Compilation took *FOREVER* 

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