HDB UUCP doesn't switch speeds??

Bill Meahan wwm at wa8tzg.mi.org
Sun Mar 10 04:09:29 AEST 1991

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>	Well, I guess that I'm 'anybody'.  This is just a guess, I'm not an
>expert on HDB - far from it - but is it possible that DTR isn't being
>dropped between trys, since they're on the same port, and the modem, not
>being reset, is not looking to re-determine the baudrate coming from the
>serial port?  I haven't checked the modem I have here, but I think that it
>might not expect to have its baud rate changed unless it is awaiting an 'AT'
>after reset.

The modem goes through a full reinitialization.

>	What type of modem is it?

Packard-Bell PB2400

>	If you have more serial ports available, you might try something
>like hanging a second modem at 1200 on a different port, and letting the two
>modems share the phone line.  (Obviously, if you have more than one system
>that your system calls automatically, this could result in problems. :-)
>Anyway, 1200-only modems should be cheap enough at hamfests by now.  I got
>some good Ma-Bell type 1200-baud only modems for 15$ a couple or three years

Not a feasible solution, also VERY inelegant and doesn't really solve
the problem.

>	I saw the earlier article, but figured I'd leave it to the experts,
>who then turned invisible :-)
>	Good Luck
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