Drawing Programs, Printers, and TeX

Peter H. Schmidt pschmidt at athena.mit.edu
Mon Mar 4 10:51:49 AEST 1991

In article <5237 at umbc3.UMBC.EDU> motteler at umbc4.umbc.edu (Howard E. Motteler) writes:
>I use TeX a lot (Andy Fyfe's DVI previewer, and a HP Deskjet
>printer).  What I'd *really* like to be able to do is to mix
>even some limited graphics (e.g., the "cheap draw" program's
>output) with the tex output.

With the latest version of gnuplot (2.1?), you can specify LaTeX as an output
device, and include the file in your documents - looks great!  It uses a lot
of TeX memory, though.  If you need to plot more than one curve per graph,
you'll need the "big tex" off OSU.  The sc spreadsheet which Lenny got onto
OSU can also produce TeX or LaTeX table output.  That's also very nice.  

BUT, I'd like a 3b1 program that can do charts as well as functional plots.
I've eard rumors of a gnuplot modification called fchart.  Does anybody else
have any info. on this?

Regards -- Peter

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