Help with 7300 OBM and serial port

Ben Scott bscott at
Mon Mar 11 04:15:08 AEST 1991

Howdy - y'all may remember me, I was the one who couldn't get the serial
port on his 7300 to work.  Well, I still haven't, despite considerable help
on the part of all the netters out there, so I have shifted attention to the
OBM.  It works, in that it will pick up a call and give a login prompt,
which is what I need, but it ties up two lines during the work.  What I
would ideally like to do is to be able to just connect my modem (on my
Amiga) to the UnixPC directly with ordinary phone cabling and get the OBM to
pick up the line without receiving a ring.

Either that, or finding some way to get the serial port working would help
too... but I have tried many suggestions including making up a custom null
modem cable to no avail.  I just get no response out the port.  

I'd also like to find a Combo Card, but every one I see for sale is snatched
up before I get to it... (yeah, yeah, boo hoo...)

The few times I have been able to make use of two lines and done some
transfers, I've still had some troubles.  The first couple of programs I
sent worked all right ( after I made sure that Kermit was set properly on
both ends), but after a few test transfers which came through all right I
tried to send the source package for Unix Zmodem in order to speed things
up.  Anyway, I tried about half a dozen times and each time Kermit aborted
after receiving too many errors (on the Amiga side).  Mostly, it ran to a
point where the UnixPC did not ack to a packet, and it timed out.  

Also, this last time I turned it on, it booted normally and I logged in.
However, apparently spontaneously, some problems began showing themselves
on the second or third login, both at the console and at ph0.  I have
captured the login session and reprinted it below:

login: root

Please type the terminal name, '?' for help, or 'exit' to exit,
and press RETURN:  vt100

ADDEDINFO=, '?' for help, or 'exit' to exit,\n

PHRASE=, '?' for help, or 'exit' to exit,\n
-sh: 844 Floating exception - core dumped

           % of the storage space is available.

you have mail


Normally it says something like "54% of storage is available".

I still lack a good Unix SVR2 tutorial book so I don't have a FM to R...

Any suggestions would be appreciated; mail would be best as I can't keep up
on this newsgroup all the time.

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