Getting 3b1 source code...?

John R. MacMillan john at chance.UUCP
Mon Mar 18 10:34:47 AEST 1991

|>>i also have a Modest Proposal (TM):  set up a non-profit corporation
|>>under the umbrella of ASCRC (a small computer software foundation?).
|>>get a source license from AT&T for the 3b1 (or convince them to turn
|>>over the source, with the obligation to support the 3b1) *and* from
|>>convergent/unisys for miniframe ctix.  this would be funded by selling
|>[ ...Lots of good points deleted]
|>I like this Idea, how many are willing to investigate? 
|I'm not willing to investigate, but I'm willing to invest in the outcome.  

Someone at the BOF mentioned he was already looking into this (I'll
omit names here to save his mailbox from filling the filesystem it's
on :-) ).  Any new news on that front?

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