ICON availability for the 3B1/UNIX-PC/PC 7300

Andrew Lagodzinski andrew at macabre.UUCP
Sun Mar 10 11:03:47 AEST 1991

In article <2010 at public.BTR.COM> thad at btr.btr.com writes:
>ICON.  Have you heard of it?

[stuff about tar file fixed in ICON]
>Interesting.  At cs.arizona.edu in the ftp area can be found a copy, with docs,
>for the 3B1.  Considering the source archive tree is approx. 5MB, you probably
>just want the executable archive.  Specifically:
>/icon/v8/Interpreter/binaries/unix/unixpc/*  has just the two executables
>/icon/v8/Interpreter/binaries/ue.cpi  is a cpio archive of all the executables,
>docs, and sample programs for the 3B1.  It's a cpio archive viewable per:
>	cpio -ictv < ue.cpi
>and unpackable per "cpio -icdm < ue.cpi" and containing several more cpio
>ICON is not at osu-cis, so this is the sole source.  The cpio archive (NOT
>compressed) is about 350Kbytes.  Also at cs.arizona.edu are snobol4 sources
>and some other goodies.

Actually, a version was available from the STORE! and now resides on
OSU.  It is rather old, but none the less.  Here is a description from
on of the STORE! listings.

-rw-rw-r--  1 ftp      10         139709 Mar 22 23:33 ICON+IN.Z

The Icon programming language was developed at the University of
Arizona under an NSF grant.  It is a high-level language with
extensive facilities for processing strings and lists which
incorporates many novel features.  It has been compared to SNOBOL.
Version 5.10 by R.E.Griswold and W.H.Mitchell (8/85).  Ported by: Rick

I remember someone (maybe Rick Fonorow) posting a while back about a
newer version.  This is most likely the same one that Thad has found
on cs.arizona.edu.

>Does anyone know HOW to get this put on osu-cis?  I don't believe I have
>ftp "uploading" privileges and wasn't about to try a telnet and raise some
>alarms.  Is Lenny still reading this newsgroup?

Please arrange to get the latest copied to OSU!

>Thad Floryan [ thad at btr.com (OR) {decwrl, mips, fernwood}!btr!thad ]

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