Protections on various files

Brent Burton n138ct at
Thu Mar 21 08:07:49 AEST 1991

I want to apologize for wasting space, but on the other hand, I'd like to
summarize what I did -- maybe someone out there has had problems in the
past with pcomm.

Compiling Pcomm
  I moved all the files from the unixpc directory of the pcomm.cpio archive
  in with the rest of the source files, overwriting some.  I then typed
  nohup make &, logged out and went to bed.  It compiled fine.

Installing Pcomm
  I initially changed owner and group to (bin,bin) on the pcomm executable
  files and moved the binaries to /usr/local/bin.  My error was setting the
  user id bit on the pcomm binary (rwsr-xr-x bin bin).  This did not allow
  file transfers to run since the userid was bin and it couldn't write to
  my directory.
  I carefully reread the docs ad notes and eventually fixed the problem.
  In my home directory I created a pcomm directory that contained copies
  of the /usr/local/lib/pcomm/pcomm.* files for my own use.  Now when I
  run pcomm, I enter pcomm -d $HOME/pcomm  and everything works fine.
  If my system is ever supporting multiple users, the others will have to
  have pcomm directories in their home directory also.

  Thanks to all who responded to my original post.

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