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Kris A. Kugel kak at hico2.UUCP
Sat Mar 23 01:46:23 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar21.163810.27903 at>, jeffrey at (Jeffrey L Bromberger) writes:
> In article <1228 at organpipe.UUCP> tom at (Thomas J. Trebisky) writes:
> >Another twist - what about a port of 4.3BSD to the Unix PC (note: I don't
> >want to enter into a potential firestorm of System V versus BSD debate here.)
> >I have been taking a hard look at porting 4.3BSD to the CT miniframe for
> >some time now (and was thinking of pressing my newly acquired unix-PC into
> >service on this project as development systems).
> "We're also thinking about putting in BSD stuff"
> Just for fun, is anyone here friendly enough with CSRG to ask them how
> long it took them to port 4.3BSD (old VAX version) to support the
> newer Tahoe processors?  Make sure to find out how many man-hours it
> took.  And ask if they had any problems with finding out about
> bizarre hardware timings.  And if the Tahoe people were friendly and
> helpful about their product.
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If anybody is still dreaming these dreams,
there is a BSD version running on SMALL machines
current call-numbers 2.10 or 2.11.
We used to have this running on PDP11's
where I used to work.   I'd start any BSD port
using this as a base.

I agree with Jeffrey, most of these ideas sound too big
for the number of man-hours we could devote to them.

And if I were planning this kind of effort, I'd want
to be doing it for an upward-compatable platform.
The unix-pc IS, in a way, but . . . .

Still, we DID get MGR.
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