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harold.e.bamford bamford at
Thu Mar 28 06:57:41 AEST 1991

In article <jms.670036088 at wits-end> jms at (John Stephens) writes:
>Configuration: 3.51m, 2M/67M, combo card with 512K, ethernet (disconnected)
>Suddenly, my compiler can only locate the pre-defined symbol unix.
>MC68000, SysV, etc have disappeared.

The compiler doesn't define MC68000 or SysV.  These are defined on
the compiler command line via the -D directives.  If you use make,
with the standard includes (Makepre.h, Makepost.h ???) then the CC
or CC_CMD macro will have these defines.

Try compiling with a makefile:

	include Makepre.h

	prog: prog.c prog.h
		$(CC) prog.c

	include Makepost.h

The exact names are from memory, but you get the idea, I'll bet.

Good luck.

-- Harold

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