floppy problem

John C Slimick slimick at unix.cis.pitt.edu
Tue Mar 5 12:40:20 AEST 1991

We have our two 7300's up and running, but in
installing the software, we stumbled on disk 11
of the UNIX utilities: Enhanced Editors V3.5

We are running UNIX 3.0, with the following packages

GSS-DRIVERS C Language V1.01
GSS DRIVERS V 1.01 Install Set 1
GSS DRIVERS V 1.01 Install Set 2 
GSS Solutions GSS TERMINAL v1.02
Development Set 3.5
Document Preparation Set 3.5
3.0 ar and 3.0 nm
UNIX PC Curses/Terminfo

We have two copies of  the  Enhanced Editors diskette, one
of which was shrink-wrapped when we got it.

We are tryining to install it under the systems administration
Software setup/ Install software from floppy window. We get
"diskette unreadable" or "diskette inserted wrong" (which it isn't).

Any clues?

john slimick
university of pittsburgh at bradford

slimick at unix.cis.pitt.edu

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