Problems hooking parallel printer to my 7300 (repost)

flinton at flinton at
Thu Mar 7 05:04:10 AEST 1991

In article <2171 at wet.UUCP>, editor at wet.UUCP (Eric Swanson) describes his
printer problems:
>   this`is`a`testMJthis`is`only`a`testMJthis`is`line`threeMJML
> and it only shows that after I take it off-line ...

Looks like your printer needs a different printer driver -- instead of the
<CR> <LF> it seems to want to be seeing (^M ^J in control characters) its
getting just  M  and  J  (text characters) with never a line-feed or a 
carriage-return to get it to flush its own buffer (i.e.,  to print) and
reposition its head for a new line.  ... Hope this is on the mark.

-- Fred

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