problems with my 7300

Keith Elliston elliston at av8tr.UUCP
Fri Mar 15 03:29:12 AEST 1991

I need some help diagnosing the problems with my UnixPC...

I have had it crash a couple of times lately, and after resetting it 
has always come back up.  I noticed that it seemed to crash when I moved the
mouse, so I quit moving the mouse (I don't use UA).  This morning I came in,
and it was crashed again, so I reset it, and got the following panic message:

Panic trap vector 11
type = 0xB, pid = 87, pc = 0x14C44, rps = 0x200E, p = 0x4A500
GSR = DD00, BSR0 = FC43, BSR1 = 0, PHYSPF = 30
D0 = FFFF, D1 = 1, D2 = 0, D3 = 70005
D4 = FFFFFC43, D6 = DD00, D7 = 430000
A0 = 1ED84, A1 = 1D87D, A2 = 1D82B, A3 = 49244
A4 = 708B8, A5 = 3000, A6 = 70801, A7 = 2FFB84

panic trap.

I reset her again, and got this panic message....


She then booted normally on the third try.  I am currently running unix
version 3.51, with the 3.51 development set.  I have 512 on the motherboard,
with 1.5 expansion memory (2 0.5's plus a 0.5 combo).  I am also running 
the HDB uucp from TheStore.  I am also running a Seagate st4096 in an external
box (not on the pc power supply) with about 67 Mb of disk.  

I am not a hardware hacker, and am not very good with unix as yet (I work
mostly with VMS, and am only learning unix on my own time).  Any and all
help will be greatly appreciated.  



ps.  Try emailing me at elliston at if uunet!av8tr!elliston

Keith O. Elliston          elliston at av8tr.UUCP           elliston at
AA5A N9734U                elliston at     elliston at biovax.bitnet
"Beware of pseudo-experts with a mission and a grudge, especially if they are
 lawyers pretending to be scientists." -- H.W. Lewis in 'Technological Risk'

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