Getting rid of "disk almost full" message

Brian Rice bri at
Thu Mar 28 05:54:44 AEST 1991

>the patch jumps around the message ``your disk is almost full go to the
>wastebasket and throw the system in'' or whatever that comes up randomly
>to eat characters from whatever you're typing. i assume it's only in 3.5
>or i would have heard more about it.
>the patch takes effect the next time you reboot, i should have mentioned.
>i've been running with it for two years, with seldom more than 1.5 meg free.
>when you run out, you run out. that's what df is for.

Boo, hiss!!! If your good enough with adb to make that patch you could probably
figure out how to do the "right" thing... lower the number to say 2MB left
before getting that irritating icon.  Kinda defeats the purpose of a daemon
process if you tell it to never wake up and tell you something.  Personally,
I would be comfortable with 1 meg but others may feel differently.

Brian Rice

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