UPC Ethernet revisited!

Dave Shevett shevett at mccc.edu
Fri Mar 29 04:16:29 AEST 1991

Hiya folks - 'sme again...

Well, I finally got the HD2 board running, and 'random' at home
is running like a happy puppy again (folks at last year's TCF BOF may
remember that random (formerly labii) went under the knife on the
kitchen table, and had a lengthy recovery, including a trip to

Anyway - I'm ready to link him into my Ethernet at home, so I got my
trusty transceiver, cable, and board out, and installed it.  I managed
to get Wollongong TCP/IP v1.4 installed, and things came up ok.

However, I'm getting the standard problems.  Kernel panics every 
few minutes, ftp is a joke (binary <cr>, hash <cr>, get file.z 

I was able to gab with the system from one of the PC's at home, using
NCSA Telnet.  I tell ya!  UA was a *dream* to work with! It was blazingly
fast, and quite enjoyable (ever use ua on an ASCII terminal?  With 
Telnet, you can't even see the windows draw.  Instant!)

I've heard tell that there are subtle differences in motherboards that
cause the Ethernet boards to work on one machine, but not on another.
I have 3 (Three!) Ethernet boards now, and I'd like to set up a network
at home using them, (I have 2 UPC's).  I had hoped that Wollongong 1.4
would have fixed the problems, but it's still in bad shape.

  Should I look for rev's on the E-Net boards?  UPC Mboards?

  The systems are running Vanilla 3.50, no other software installed.
It's hard to work with the thing, but when it craps out, it's russian
roulette whether my FS was damaged.  What can I do to stop some of
these crashes?

  ANY help on this would be appreciated.  I'm up to 5 machines on my
Ethernet at home now, and I'd like to get the UPC's involved.  Help!

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