Paranoia freaks under SVS Fortran! (PD math library)

jeffrey templon templon at
Mon Mar 4 22:21:32 AEST 1991

An article was just posted to comp.os.minix regarding a public domain
floating point library.  Here is the header.

Article 14895 in comp.os.minix:
From: cwr at (Will Rose)
Subject: PC Minix Floating Point
Message-ID: <7807 at>
Date: 4 Mar 91 05:16:15 GMT
Sender: root at
Organization: People-Net [pnet01], El Cajon CA
Lines: 168

Reference the recent request for Minix floating point code, Peter Housel's
fp code compiles under PC 1.5.10 with no problems that I can find - I used
the following Makefile:

Good Luck -- 


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