Getting rid of "disk almost full" message

Brian Rice bri at
Mon Mar 25 07:58:23 AEST 1991

In article <20105 at> rhh at (r hardin) writes:
>In article <17255 at>, arens at ISI.EDU (Yigal Arens) writes:
>> I looked throught the FAQ file, but couldn't find the answer to this
>> one.
>> How does one prevent the 7300 from displaying those annoying "disk
>> almost full" messages every few minutes when free disk space drops
>> below 5%?
>Assuming you're running 3.5 as I am, you can
>*	$ su
>* ()
>*	# adb -w /etc/smgr
>*	upd_time+1be?i
>	upd_time+1be:		bge.w	upd_time+236
>*	.?w 6000
>	upd_time+1be:	6c00	=	6000
>*	.?i
>	upd_time+1be:		bra.w	upd_time+236
>*	<EOT>
>	# 
>(*) = you type
>which causes smgr to think there's lots of space regardless of your usage.

Whoa, thanks for the excellent contribution... but could you (or someone)
bring that stuff down to a little less technical explanation?  Before I edit
my smgr I'd kinda like to know what I'm telling it... and in reference
to the statement "...lot's of space regardless..."  How much are we talking
about.  I'd hate like hell to literally run out and think there's a Meg or two
left.  Naturally it would be at the exact moment of the use of the last
block that my system would crash and the only file /etc/.cleanup would
find to delete would be /tmp/.winload!!!
"Ahhh Eunich-PC no boot - yank floppy, scream loud!"

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