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Mariusz Stanczak Mariusz at fbits.ttank.com
Wed Mar 6 18:09:53 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar6.005943.20629 at csn.org> wouk at alumni.colorado.edu (Arthur Wouk) writes:
>i have recently acquired a tape backup system for my 3b1 and have two
>1) the system came with release 1.0 of the software. are there any
>known problems with that software and/or are there any updates?

	I'd like to know of any updates to this software (if there
    were any ;-))  With the 1.0 UA scripts as they are (and I didn't 
    look at them... I just use `gtar') the "multiple, 3B1 type, sets" 
    script seems broken... the "display tape contents" always shows 
    first set as "Broken" (or something like that), and all the other 
    "slots" as "FULL" after only one "backup folders" operation.
    `Gtar', on the other hand, has no problems appending files to an 
    existing archive (I haven't try `tapecpio', so anything could be
    the culprit... `tgetoffsets', `tgetovwrit'... hmm).  Anyways, the
    "user mode" software that came with the box doesn't exactly shine,
    but the box does work, and, in its own ways ;-), serves it's pur-
    pose OK.

>2) the manual suggests 3m dc 600a  tapes or equivalent. have any tapes
>caused consistent problems in this use? is there  any classification
>of good or bad tapes?

	An old 3M tape I got with the unit was wery clonk'y, but it had
    no errors, and so neither do the Sony QD-600A, but they are much
    quieter (smoother(?)).

    Good luck,

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