Getting rid of "disk almost full" message

Tom Tkacik tkacik at
Sat Mar 23 05:36:37 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar22.064951.24163 at>, bri at (Brian Rice) writes:

|>                          Or, on the other hand you could kill the smgr.
|> And, as an afterthought, you could run mgr instead of the 'luser agent'.
|> I recently installed the software driver version and can't wait until I
|> can get the daughter board.  BTW, even with the software driver, mgr is
|> still a faster windowing system than X on my Sun 3/50!!!

How about programs that use the TAM library?  Do they work under mgr?

I am talking about important programs like mahjongg and klondike.
Will I have to re-write them?

That is pretty much all that is keeping me from running mgr.

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